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Oh, hey friend!

I’m so happy you landed here. The pandemic and my journey with chronic illness really showed me that it's time to move off the little Instagram squares and highlight reels and start writing more, so here we are.

You’ll find me sharing the story from my health to my diagnosis and then the ups and downs that come with the healing journey. As a wife and mom to three littles who has felt the high highs and the low lows that come in this life, I would like to share things with you I’ve learned along the way in hopes that it will help and educate.

I’ve been researching our toxic environment, our food, and its connection to the body and illness or dis-ease. Right now, I’m working on root cause healing after years of experiencing a wide range of symptoms. Won’t you come and learn along with me?

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Chat with you soon,

That Mama With A Purpose

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a hope filled mama writing about chronic illness and holistic health


Alex, That Mama With A Purpose

I'm a wife and mom sharing real experiences on motherhood and chronic illness. I'm learning about root cause healing and sharing what I learn with all of you! I believe the body can heal itself given the right tools and environment.